OCEP Clinic – June 12, 2021

OCEP Clinic on June 12, 2021:

This was the first clinic, when we scheduled 15 patients, of which 14 patients checked in.

Dr. Suri Appa from Kaiser Permanente was the volunteer retina specialist. Other volunteers included America Rojas from Serve The People, Noemi Grabiel, Jonathan Toribio and David Kokubun. The staff of Lestonnac Free Clinic was on hand too to help with the clinic, including Beatriz Quintero and others.


Dr. Raj Agrawal, CEO, Retina Global, was on hand to make sure things went well during the clinic, along with Mr. Ed Gerber, Executive Director of Lestonnac Free Clinic and Ms. Leticia Rojas, Operations Manager.


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