Why do we advertise?

Our reason for advertising is simple. Advertising on the website helps us with our operational expenses. We do this so that we can maximize your donation for the purpose it is meant for.

We try to make sure that only relevant advertisements show up on our websites, though it cannot always be guaranteed.

Presence of the advertisements on our website does not imply in any way that we endorse the product. Please use your own judgment in choosing to buy products shown on our website.

Our advertisements come from Google Adsense, Amazon and others.


Do you wish to advertise on our pages?

We welcome advertisements from the following partners.

  • Pharmaceutical companies focused on retinal diseases or other ophthalmic medications
  • Instrument manufactures with a focus on retinal and/or ophthalmic instruments
  • Medical device companies with an interest in products for vision treatment, or for those with visual impairment
  • Clinical Trials Organization who are actively involved in retinal or other ophthalmic   clinical trials
  • Eye Institutes, Universities or other organizations focused on education and teaching
  • Other nonprofits who work in the field of eye care

If you are one of the above, please contact us at In case your organization is not one of the above, you can still contact us and we will decide on an individual case basis about taking your advertisements.

Advertisements can be shown on all or individual pages and in different sizes.