Advisory Board Meeting during ARVO 2015

We organized an advisory board meeting during ARVO 2015, which brought retina specialists and industry leaders and experts from around the world together, to discuss Retina Global’s work, and how we can work together to help make a difference. The meeting was organized at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on May 2, 2015. (Thanks ARVO for providing us the room for the meeting.)

Retina Global was represented by:

  • Mike Trese, MD
  • Julia A Haller, MD
  • Suber Huang, MD MBA
  • Rajat N Agrawal, MD MS
  • Alice Kim

Those who attended the meeting were (in alphabetical order of their last names):

  • Rupesh Agrawal, MD, Singapore
  • Thomas Albini, MD, Miami, FL
  • Prof. Francesco Bandello, Milan, Italy
  • Prof. Alan Bird, London, UK
  • Janet Cheetham, PharmD, Caleris Consulting (formerly VP, Allergan)
  • Anne Fung, MD, Genentech
  • Tarek S Hassan, MD, President, ASRS
  • Jill Hopkins, MD, Genentech
  • Kim Irwin-Pack, DORC
  • Lowrey King, MD, Charleston, SC
  • Jeffrey Nau, PhD, Ophthotech
  • Susan Orr, Janssen, J & J
  • Rajiv Shah, MD, Detroit
  • Adnan Tufail, MD, London, UK

Others who could not attend the meeting due to scheduling issues (in alphabetical order of their last names):

  • Prof. Bill Aylward, UK
  • Prof. Usha Chakravarthy, Dublin, Ireland
  • David Chow, Toronto, Canada
  • Pravin Dugel, MD, Phoenix, AZ
  • Michael Fanning, Synergetics
  • Gabriela Lopezcarasa Hernandez, MD, President, Mexico Retina Association
  • Peter Kaiser, MD
  • Adrian Koh, MD, Singapore
  • Prof. Anat Lowenstein, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Prof Robert McLaren, London, UK
  • John Pollock, MD, Chicago, IL
  • Carl Regillo, MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jorge Rocha, MD, Brazil
  • Eliott Sohn, MD, Iowa City, IO
  • Tien Wong, MD PhD, Singapore
  • Lihten Wu, MD, Costa Rica


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